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NJ Pet Supply is a proud carrier of Absorbine, also known as "The Horse World’s Most Trusted Name." The company began with the creation of a young woman's special blend of herbs and essential oils to increase blood flow and bring healing to horses that developed lameness.

The successful, humane creation became known as Absorbine Veterinary Liniment and is still used today to relieve sore joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Since then, Abosrbine has added many products throughout the years, all of which are used by horse owners everywhere.

These horse care supplies range in function, including all you may need for fly control, skin & coat care, muscle & joints, hoof care, supplements, leather care, wound care, and so much more. They have several options of sprays that repel flies and other insects, as well as sprays and gels that work to detangle and polish your horse's mane.

Other grooming products include shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen. For extra skin and coat care, pick up one of Absorbine's supplements. There are plenty of options for not only soft, silky, lustrous skin and coat, but also supplements for joint health, hoof building, recovery support, gastric relief, etc. These are only some of the various products Absorbine provides! From repellents, saddle pad & blanket rinses, laundry rinses & dressings, to hoof packing, finishing mists, Bigeloil, and ointments, Abosrbine has all you need to humanely, effectively care for your equine (and even livestock and dogs!).