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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $49 to NJ & Tri-State Areas
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As William Blake once said, “No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” Since that’s the case, NJ Pet Supply is here to help your bird and livestock soar as high as possible with a wide stock of products for all their needs. Carrying brands like Abba, Feathered Friend, Pine Tree Farms, Browns, and more, our store has a collection of items to help feed and care for your birds.

With pet food for all types of birds, ranging from parakeets to parrots to hens, NJ Pet Supply has you covered with options that will keep your pet healthy and happy. Birds require varied, nutritious diets in order to properly produce feathers and healthy skin, as well as an overall longer life with less inclination to disease and sickness. This calls for a mixture of seeds, pellets, oils, insects, etc. Our store offers an array of options, including gourmet variety mixes and blends of vegetables, fruits, grains, oysters, suet, and more. These premium brands and ingredients will make your pet look forward to mealtime, all while getting the necessary proteins, essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to ensure a stronger immune system, stronger bones, and an energetic life.

NJ Pet Supply also carries many miscellaneous products for your birds and livestock. With all the food options we offer, we also make sure to provide feeders themselves. Whether you choose a feeder tailored for your home or for your yard, they have easy to fill, easy to install designs that will make it a simple, enjoyable process for you to feed your pet. You can also pick up safe cleaning products that effectively dissolve your bird’s droppings from perches, cages, feeders, carpets, and virtually any location!

NJ Pet Supply is here to supply your birds and livestock with all they need so they can soar sky high!