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Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Cat

NJ Pet Supply is a proud carrier of Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diets for cats because what started as an idea was brought to life by a team of experts in pet food nutrition. Blue Buffalo’s veterinary line provides the efficacy you demand in well-balanced, natural therapeutic diets.

The Natural Veterinary Diet was formed when the founding family of Blue Buffalo, the Bishops, got in touch with a veterinarian who was working with an animal nutritionist to develop food. The Bishops simply asked them to create the best pet food they could possibly make - and then they named it Blue.

The company’s comprehensive research and development team includes clinical veterinarians, animal scientists, PhD nutritionists, and people with tremendous competency and passion for healthy foods to feed pets. A product driven business, Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diets offer the best in class cat food, plus the highest safety and quality standards in the industry across the entire manufacturing network. This starts with their new, state of the art Heartland Plant, which puts everything in place to ensure the safety and quality of products. A lot of nutrient analysis is done to reach the credentials and levels that Blue Buffalo expects and intends to be in their products.

With more and more clients seeking food options for their cats with natural ingredients, Blue Buffalo is proud to offer an opportunity to meet their needs with the Natural Veterinary Diet. In the therapeutic arena, the formulas offer options to provide the efficacy vets demand when prescribing and recommending veterinary diets. Whether it be for weight management, urinary care, gastrointestinal support, food intolerance, kidney and mobility health, or novel protein, their products have to address the conditions of the dog it's brought to the veterinarian for.

Coming in both wet and dry options, it’s a winning combination of efficacy, wholesomeness, and palatability - which is why NJ Pet Supply offers prescription diets to be shipped to your door.