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Bones & Chews

Canines in the wild are accustomed to living a primal lifestyle, healthily and safely chewing on the hardest of substances, such as bones. So why not give our dogs a treat that reflects their ancestors’ diet and habits? That’s why NJ Pet Supply carries premium brands like Nylabone, Smart Bones, NBone, Petstages, Blue Buffalo, Lennox, Cadet, Jack & Pup, Fieldcrest Farms, Greenies, Premier, and others that create an assortment of bones and chews for your pet!

While soft treats certainly have their benefits, bones and chews do, too. Whether a rawhide, bully stick, lamb’s horn, white knuckle bone, pig’s ear, cow’s ear, knee cap, chew made from nylon, etc, their hard, sturdy, durable material is perfect for even the most aggressive chewers! They are able to provide long lasting chewing and gnawing, which is not only a great source of your pet’s entertainment and simulation, but it keeps them away from your household furniture! Defeating their boredom and restlessness, it satisfies their natural instinct to chew, further strengthening their teeth and jaws. Softer, more gentle bones and chews can also be beneficial to teething pups, who are just beginning to strengthen and grow their choppers! The act of chewing on these products reduces tartar and plaque buildup, which is a leading cause of gum and oral diseases, as well as smelly breath. Bones and chews are also great for their various flavors like chicken, beef, venison, duck, peanut butter, cod, cranberry, and more! The sizes and shapes of our store’s bones and chews vary just as much as their flavors and benefits do. So be sure to choose the one that best fits your furry friend’s oral needs, size, and lifestage!