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Bowls & Feeding

Mealtime is the most important time for your pet, which is why we spend so much time fussing over the quality of the food we feed them. From flavor to texture to scent to ingredients. But the bowls and feeding supplies we use are important, too! That’s why NJ Pet Supply carries brands like OurPets, Van Ness, Loving Pets, Buddy’s Line, Coastal, PetMate, Kurgo, Healthy Pet, Lixit, and more!

Our store carries a variety of bowls and feeding supplies specifically designed for different purposes. Whether it’s a Store-N-Feed container that holds up to seven pounds of food, a slow feed bowl that teaches your pet to intuitively and intentionally eat, a heated bowl to keep food warm, or a platform bowl, NJ Pet Supply has it all. They’re made from an assortment of materials including plastic, metal, glass, steel, and rubber, all of which are sturdy and durable - sure to hold the food you fill it with and handle any mess your pet makes! Some are made of collapsible, easy to fold, flexible materials that make them great for travel and easy storage. They also come in several sizes, whether it be small, medium, or large. This gives you more control over your pet’s portion sizes, which is essential for overweight or underweight pets. These bowls come in the trendiest, cutest colors and designs. Some are easy to match, transparent or solid colors of silver, red, black, gray, white, blue, purple, pink, and more! Others are a little more chique and intricate with labels that specifically say “water” and “food,” or have designs like pawprints, witty sayings like “pawsitively delicious,” and more! Pick up one of our feeder scoopers that make it easy and simple to serve food to any pet! Other of our miscellaneous feeding supplies include chick waterer containers, guinea pig and rabbit bottles, portable water bowls, treat containers, etc!

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