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Cat Bowls & Feeding

It’s a known fact that cats tend to be finicky, picky little creatures, but did you know they actually have a series of unknown eating habits, too? Carrying brands such as Van Ness, Buddy’s Line, Coastal, Loving Pets, PetMate, and more, NJ Pet Supply offers not only an assortment of high quality food options for your cat, but also high quality bowls and feeding supplies.

One of the first habits of cats is that some have tendences of either gorging on their food or not eating their food at all. Luckily, NJ Pet Supply comes with bowls in all different sizes, from small to large. This is ideal for underweight or overweight pets, as it helps you to better portion their sizes and encourage a certain amount of food consumption. The depth and width of the bowl is important, too. Kitties tend to like wider, shallower bowls so that their whiskers don’t touch the sides. Our store’s bowls also come in various materials like plastic, steel, rubber, and metal. These are all extremely durable, sturdy materials that are hard to break or damage, which is an absolutely great thing since many cats love to play with their food and sometimes even their food containers! Ideally, felines should each receive their own food and water bowls. NJ Pet Supply makes this easy as we offer bowls that come in cute sets that specifically label the containers for either “water” or “food!” Plus, aside from food bowls, we also offer refillable water feeders that continuously replenish your cat’s water bowl for you. This is helpful for busier pet parents or cats that go through water quickly! Other bowls have similar designs, reading “pawsitively delicious,” “treats,” or are covered in paw prints. If you prefer containers that are a bit more simple, we offer ones in solid colors such as silver, blue, gray, beige, purple, and even transparent. These styles and designs are sure to satisfy both you and your pet, and so are all of our other products! Other miscellaneous items we carry include food scoopers and heated bowls, which come in super handy since a majority of cats enjoy their food close to their body temperature.

No matter what unusual, finicky habits your furry friend may have, NJ Pet Supply has all the bowls and feeding supplies you need to meet their needs and preferences!