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Cat Dental

If you are hoping to boost the health and appearance of your cat’s pearly whites, NJ Pet Supply offers a wide selection of cat dental products. The dental health of our feline friends is often forgotten, but it is important to take care of their teeth and gums, as it affects them on a day to day basis. Carrying brands such as Fussie Cat, Greenies, Virbac, Pets Agree, and more, our store ensures that you will have numerous food choices, supplies, and supplements to pick from. These include an assortment of special catnip, toothpastes, and treats.

The various products offered by NJ Pet Supply help promote cats’ dental health in many ways. Cat teeth, similar to humans, can actually be brushed. By getting into the habit of brushing your cat’s teeth as often as you would brush your own, you are helping to save your pet from discomfort and possible illnesses associated with oral hygiene. Many toothpastes are completely safe for our furry friends and aim to reduce gum disease that causes bad breath, broken teeth, loss of appetite, and inflammation. Dental treats that come in various flavors, such as catnip, tuna, and oven roasted chicken, act the same and add a familiar and delicious taste to a tool that simultaneously strengthens teeth. Their hard, crunchy texture helps reduce tartar buildup and freshens breath. Another great option for cat dental health is kibble that is specifically aimed to help reduce plaque and tartar. This is especially common among adult, senior cats. Made with natural ingredients and needed vitamins, they can help with not only dental health, but also healthy fur coats.

It is important that you regularly have your cat’s teeth and dental health be checked by the vet dentist, but NJ Pet Supply offers all the needed products to continue promoting your pet’s oral hygiene and it can even be brought right to your front door! Now both you and your cat can smile with confidence!