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Cat Toys

Cats are known to sometimes be languid, leisurely creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy playtime too! With how intelligent and bright minded felines are, playtime is extremely important for both mental and physical fitness. That’s why NJ Pet Supply carries a wide stock of cat toys from brands like Kong, Ethical Pet, Jackson Galaxy, Our Pets, Creative Pet, etc!

Playtime, whether it consists of chasing small, furry mice, lasers, bouncy balls, feathered fishing lines and teasers, or using a scratching post or pad, is a highly interactive part of your cat’s day. It’s sure to keep your kitty’s natural instincts intact! The toys we offer encourage your cat to stay running and moving around, which is needed to help build their strong muscles and practice their agility skills. The scratching posts offer a great outlet for felines to instinctively scratch instead of turning to household furniture and items. Toys also keep your furry friend mentally engaged and stimulated, as it provides a way for them to release energy, allowing for relief from anxiety and stress. Soft plush or knitted toys can help achieve this same benefit because they’re comforting while fun to cuddle and snuggle up to!

NJ Pet Supply encourages you to spend time playing with your cat using one of our fun toys because it helps you to build a strong, loving, affectionate, close relationship with one another! We offer toys in all shapes, sizes, and textures that are perfect for cats of every life stage - just take your pick today!