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Chew Toys

Have you ever caught your dog red handed? Chewing at your dining room table’s legs? Or perhaps even at the corners of your couches? You may be tempted to discipline your little friend or discourage them from ever chewing again, but it’s actually an innate, natural instinct of theirs. That’s why NJ Pet Supply carries brands like Petstages, Nylabone, Kong, GoDog, Chuckit, Premier, Greenies, Whimzees, and others that create premium chew toys that redirect your dog, cat, or other pet to nibbling on the right things.

Dogs are natural predators. They feel the need to hunt for prey and instinctively proceed to chew or shred them in the process. Though cats aren’t as notoriously known to be chewers like dogs are, chewing is actually a common habit among them for the same reason. That’s why the tough, durable materials (typically rope or nylon) that NJ Pet Supply’s toys are made of are perfect to satisfy their urges, whether it be our sturdy Nylabone products made for the most aggressive, powerful chewers, or a large bone from Petstages. These are sure to provide hours of long lasting chewing action for your pet, not only strengthening their jaws and promoting dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup (especially with oral care dental chews), but also mentally stimulating them. Chewing requires a lot of concentration and focus so it’s better your companion put it into a useful chew toy than your furniture! Plus, chew toys are great tools to help relieve anxiety and stress, which could be another reason your furry friend turns to your household appliances. Softer chew toys are ideal for puppies, kittens, and smaller animals, too. When teething, it’s important that they have something to nibble at to relieve the discomfort of growing teeth and gums, as well as to help with their proper development. GoDog’s durable plush toys or NBone’s extra small toys will do the job!

Overall, no matter what the reason is for your pet’s need for a chew toy, NJ Pet Supply has the toy to satisfy it. Not to mention, our products, as interactive and unique as they are, will provide a fun bonding experience for the two of you that helps fight off boredom and restlessness. Pick from our ropes, bristle bones, rubber bones, rawhide rings, sticks, knuckle bones, puppy pacifiers, binkies, dental toys, tennis balls, and more!