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Your dog's health and wellness is important to all of us here at - Shop our extensive line of everything you need to keep your pet healthy!



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If the saying is “A dog is a man’s best friend,” then wouldn’t we want to treat our best friends with the utmost care? NJ Pet Supply, carrying brands such as Acana, Blue Buffalo, RAWZ, Wellness, Canidae, and Merrick, makes it so easy for you to ensure your dog receives the health and wellness it deserves. With an array of supplements, grooming tools, and flick/tea products, you can start your furry friend’s journey today.

The first way to ensure your dog’s health is through their diet. NJ Pet Supply has various dry food, wet food, and freeze-dried food options ready for the choosing. Aside from the delicious assortment of flavors, such as peanut butter, beef, bison, lamb, rabbit, and more, many of these food options are created specifically to aid in getting your dog needed nutrients and vitamins for the day. The hardness and texture of dry food ensures the wellness of a dog’s dental health, as does the many dental treats NJ Pet Supply offers. Such treats promote fresh breath and less tartar and plaque build up, which ensures your pup’s protection from illnesses and gum disease. Wet food is a tasty option to make sure of your pet’s health as it is a natural source of water and protein from ingredients such as chicken and turkey. Wet food contains no synthetic preservatives, artificial flavorings, or colorings, making it last longer and overall healthier for your canine. Food supplements are a great way of boosting your pup’s diet through nutrient-rich ingredients, such as protein, fatty acids, vitamin B, enzymes, etc. Such vitamins and minerals promote healthier fur and skin. Coming from brands like Hill’s and Royal Canin, veterinary diets tailored for different health conditions are also available to be delivered to your front door so long as it is prescribed by a veterinarian. 

The next way that NJ Pet Supply helps your dog is through our stock of grooming supplies. Grooming gloves and a variety of de-matting or shedding combs and brushes,  are a great way of taking care of your pet’s coat after a bath using one of our various natural shampoos, conditioners, or hypoallergenic dog wipes that help to deodorize, clean, and freshen. You can even follow up by using a nail, trimmer, nail file, or a Hungry Puppy cucumber or aloe vera ear cleansing solution. 

Of course, NJ Pet Supply encourages you to be alert of and regularly check for fleas and ticks on your furry friends. Ticks and fleas have a mean tendency to make an environment out of your dog’s fur, feeding on its blood and increasing the chance of disease and allergic reactions. You can minimize this possibility by using a flea comb, as well as wipes, sprays, and ointments, designed to kill flea eggs and ticks upon contact without the harsh use of chemicals. It is even possible to put an adorable, fashionable collar on your doggy that can repel ticks for up to eight months.

NJ Pet Supply cares to make sure you have everything you need to ensure your dog’s health and wellness!



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