Whimzees Large Alligator

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Whimzees Large Alligator

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Whimzees are all natural dental chews for dogs.
Made with limited primary natural ingredients to deliver the most to your dog.
Potato starch highly digestible; gluten free; great source of energy.
Glycerin increases palatability; helps chews retain moisture.
Powdered cellulose dietary fiber aids in healthy digestion; helps polish dog _s teeth.
Lecithin all natural emulsifier derived from vegetables.
Malt extract gluten free; improves metabolism, muscle tone, and promotes strong bones.
Yeast great source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for healthy skin and coat; aids in digestion.
Whimzees _ unique design and shapes help reduce plaque and tartar build-up.
Grooves help reach smaller spaces in the mouth, like between the teeth.
Not suitable for dogs under 9 months of age.
Not suitable for dogs under 5 lb.

Alligator shape with bumps and nubs helps clean the teeth and freshen the breath.
Large Alligator is ideal for dogs 40-60 lb.
Assorted case of 30.

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