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FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $49 to NJ & Tri-State Areas
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Food & Treats

If you’re looking to feed your little friend something that’s healthy, hearty, and heavenly to taste, NJ Pet Supply has you covered. Carrying premium brands like Acana, Blue Buffalo, Fancy Feast, Hill’s, Iams, Nature Balance, and Purina, our store has all your pet food needs. NJ Pet Supply carries food options for all our friends: cats, dogs, caged and wild birds, small animals, livestock, equine, etc. Our food choices are sure to leave your pet looking forward to mealtime while providing them with needed nutrients and minerals.

Our assortment of pet food and treats comes in all different textures and flavors, which is great for pets with picky palates. They also come in a variety of packaging and sizes, making it convenient for you to choose depending on your storage and spending preferences. Whether it be dry food, wet food, or freeze-dried food, NJ Pet Supply has it all at the highest quality and lowest prices. We offer foods that will certainly make mealtime anything but boring with their strong aromas and enticing flavors like chicken, beef, bison, lamb, rabbit, peanut butter, tuna, veggie, and more. Your pet can enjoy the taste while still getting all the needed vitamins and nutrients to live a long and healthy life. Kibble, treats, supplements, bird seed, horse feed, pellets, hay, mealworm, and all the pet foods come with many health benefits. You will find that many of our options aim to promote the health of your pet through all natural, grain free, gluten free ingredients. So long as it is prescribed by a veterinarian, veterinary diets specifically tailored to your pet’s health conditions are available.

Delight your pet with a delicacy from NJ Pet Supply today! Whatever pet food you need, we have it all!