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Freeze-Dried Dog Food

NJ Pet Supply carries premium freeze-dried dog food brands including RAWZ, Primal, and Stella & Chewy’s that your dog will love. These foods are available in different shapes, including patties, nuggets, and kibbles, so that there is an option for every dog out there. Freeze-dried food is also available in a variety of protein sources which provides the ability to switch up your pet’s food to give them a little variety in their diet. Whether it’s chicken, turkey, salmon, venison, or beef, your dog will find a freeze-dried food they love, and pet parents will love the benefits.

Freeze dried diets are made with high quality ingredients. Most freeze-dried diets are entirely grain free and gluten free and contain very few additives. This makes freeze-dried diets ideal for dogs who may experience food sensitivities or allergies, requiring a limited ingredient diet.

Freeze-dried food is a great alternative to feeding a completely raw diet. For many pet parents, it is an easier way to provide their pets with a high protein, high quality diet without dealing with raw frozen food. Freeze-dried food is an excellent way to incorporate raw food into your pet’s diet without the fuss of frozen or refrigerated foods that may need preparation and extra care.

Completely raw diets must be kept refrigerated or frozen in order to remain fresh. Freeze-dried foods, on the other hand, do not require refrigeration. Freeze-dried food has a long shelf life, which is convenient for the pet parent that likes to keep an extra supply of food on hand just in case. Never run out of food when you buy at NJ Pet Supply!

Freeze-dried pet food is not heated during the manufacturing process. Instead, already frozen raw food is placed in a large machine that applies pressure to the food. This causes the water to diffuse out of the food while maintaining all its nutrients and beneficial ingredients. What you’re left with is freeze dried food that is sure to please your pup!

While most freeze-dried foods are comprised of only meats and minerals, there are some brands that will include fruits and vegetables in their formulas, which provides an antioxidant rich addition to your pet’s food. Freeze-dried dog food provides a high quality, whole food diet that will benefit your dog while leaving them happy and healthy.