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NJ Pet Supply recognizes that all dogs have a natural instinct to chew - it’s a primal, wild animal instinct. Dogs tend to gnaw and chew on things for different reasons. The first reason may be that they feel anxious or lonely once they are left alone in the house, as they are pack animals and are accustomed to constantly having company. This leads them to turn to chewing or gnawing as a coping mechanism. Pups are also extremely intrigued by different odors and textures of different items, whether it be slippers, couch cushions, or other furniture. The smells, especially of their pet owner, tends to be so alluring to them that they feel a need to chew on such items. However, a dog must be taught to switch to products that they are allowed to nibble on, such as Lennox’s all natural dog chews!

The Lennox International offers a large selection of natural and flavored rawhide products, healthy snacks and treats for dogs. Their rawhide chews come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, such as pretzels, rolls, donuts, sticks, bones, etc. Any flavor or size can be purchased bulk, perfectly wrapped in a cigar band, or individually packaged. Value packs in different combinations are also available. Rest assured, all their rawhide lines are made from prime hides, carefully handcrafted and oven dried to perfection.

Any dog will also love their real natural body parts, pig ears and the large selection of natural bones and meat treats offered in several sizes, flavors and different packaging alternatives.