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Midwest Beds

NJ Pet Supply is a proud carrier of Midwest Beds because they’ve invested so heavily over the years to craft what they and, on the evidence, pet lovers nationwide believe is the most pet-pampering pet bedding available.

Their considerable experience in the pet industry has facilitated their producing various lines of superior-quality bedding, each of which promotes the relaxation your pet so desires – while pleasing your idea of style. Their bedding isn’t just for dogs, either. They also developed it to indulge the lazy, languid lifestyle of cats. And who would argue that other types of pets wouldn’t appreciate it too?

Getting down to the nitty gritty, they manufacture crate beds, plastic carrier beds, orthopedic sofas and nesting beds, polyfill pillows, indoor/outdoor beds, boutique beds, ultra-rugged beds, reversible mats, double-bolster beds, and EcoSpring beds made from recycled plastic. Now that’s a long list of products providing the perfect pet pampering!

But, then, that’s what people expect from MidWest. They further expect superior manufacturing. To illustrate the point, all of their beds have been washed 100 times to see to it that they’re totally washable. They guarantee their pet bedding material won’t shrink or lump together, thereby making your product unfit for use.

From their original Quiet Time Fleece to their Defender Series pet beds infused with teflon fabric protector, MidWest bedding will keep on providing your pet with the plushest, coziest lounging retreat for a good long time, whether you place it in a crate, use it indoors but out of a crate, or use it outdoors. Coming in an assortment of colors, sizes, and materials, Midwest Beds provide the type of luxury NJ Pet Supply wants for your pet!