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Mika & Sammy's

Pet treats are of the utmost importance not only in your pet’s life, but also in your relationship with one another. Treats are a great tool to use for training and housebreaking, as well as rewarding your pet for proper behavior and obedience. They play a crucial part in your connection to your pet because it allows you to show your dog or cat a simple, yet effective display of love and affection! For this reason, NJ Pet Supply is a proud carrier of Mika & Sammy’s because they provide 100% all natural, all American, gourmet pet treats in flavors like cheesesteak, beef, peanut butter, chicken, pumpkin, and more!

Mika & Sammy’s is a family owned and operated pet treat company that specializes in healthy pet treats. All of their products are American sourced & American made in Philadelphia PA, USA. They never use any additives, preservatives, liquid smoke, mold inhibitors or any other harmful chemicals that can cause health problems for your pet. Instead, they only use the very best health conscious ingredients for all of their products. At Mika & Sammy’s they have set a precedent to provide a healthy, gourmet alternative to the pet treats currently available on the market. Breaking with convention their products are being made at a level of cooking that has yet to be seen in the industry.

At Mika & Sammy’s they stand behind all of their products. They have incredibly high standards when it comes to the ingredients used for all of their items. They have spared no expense or amount of time to make Mika & Sammy’s the epitome of quality pet treats. They look forward to you joining the Mika & Sammy’s family as you experience their products and share their love for pets!

NJ Pet Supply carries Mika & Sammy’s because they believe if it’s not good enough for their dogs, it’s definitely not good enough for yours!