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FREE SHIPPING on Qualifying Orders
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NJ Pet Supply is a proud carrier of Nutri-Vet and their comprehensive line of veterinarian-formulated wellness products designed to promote the health of dogs and cats. Nutri-Vet's high quality products make both the pet and pet parent happy, as they're created with easy-to-administer formulas with appealing flavors and scents pets love! For dogs, Nutri-Vet's assortment of supplements address joints, pain relief, skin conditions, vitamins, allergies, digestion & bladder, anxiety, teeth cleaning, eye & ear cleaner, flea & tick, wound care, treats, and even lawn protection!

Whether your pup is in need of glucosamine for better mobility, fish oil for healthier skin and coat and normal shedding, milk replacer for puppies, dental rinse to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, bandages for wounds, or more, Nutri-Vet has all the chews, tablets, liquids, etc you need to solve it! Many of the same options are offered to canine's feline counterparts, in addition to products that address hairballs and environmental factors. Nutri-Vet has various products to keep your cat's skin healthy and fur glossy while preventing the ingestion of hairballs.

Their Scratch-Not-Spray discourages kitties from chewing at hot spots, injuries, and bandages to allow for quicker healing. You can even apply this to furniture to keep your furry friend from damaging rugs, drapes, etc. To start using products from a company that has caring for your animal as their number one priority, look no further than NJ Pet Supply where you can find Nutri-Vet for the lowest prices! We can even deliver free to select areas and provide free nationwide shipping.


For this collection of products and for the lowest prices allowed online, look to NJ Pet Supply for all of your pet food and supply needs. Whether your animal barks or chirps, meows or squawks, we have it all. Shop at the convenience of your home or on the go. NJ Pet Supply offers FREE Shipping to many areas in the Northeast Region of the USA. Even more, we offer select products, so place your order today for easy, no-hassle delivery to your front door!

Do you live in the NJ Area? Check out The Hungry Puppy Pet Food & Supplies, where you can shop in-store, online and place a curbside pickup order or have The Hungry Puppy deliver FREE to your front door in our Central NJ local delivery area!

With NJ Pet Supply and The Hungry Puppy , your pet will never go without the highest quality products at the lowest possible price!