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NJ Pet Supplys is a proud carrier of Nutrisource because they are dedicated to the long term health of family pets. That very commitment is what drives their promise of quality and safety in every bag.

They are family owned and community focused. Nutrisource exemplifies the heart of small towns everywhere. Compassion, integrity, a deep-rooted sense of community, and a passion for producing safe products at the highest standards possible guide their choices. Being family owned means they make decisions based on what is best for their employees, community, pet supply retailers, and ultimate customer – the family pet. They promise that every bag will reflect their passion for creating the highest quality pet foods that are featured in family owned, community supported, pet loving operations.

When formulating Nutrisource products they carefully consider every ingredient. They’re particular about their suppliers so they can guarantee that their raw ingredients will pass very stringent testing. They are equally conscientious about how their food is made so they manufacture their own kibble in a state of the art AIB certified facility. Nutrisource mills their own grains, grinds their own meats and cooks at lower temperatures to maximize nutrition. These efforts help result in nutrient dense recipes that maximize bioavailability.

Simply, Nutrisource is dedicated to the long term health of your pet. Each of their formulas takes into consideration the nutritional needs of your dog or cat. From their first recipe, NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice, to their recent PureVita Grain Free Venison, they recognize the importance they play in nourishing your pet.