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Orijen Pet Foods at NJ Pet Supply - Dog and Cat Food by Orijen

NJ Pet Supply is a proud carrier of Orijen Pet Foods because they serve as the fullest expression of their biologically appropriate, fresh regional ingredient, never outsourced philosophy.

Inspired by a natural diet of whole prey animals, Orijen features unmatched and unique inclusions of fresh or raw meat, naturally providing everything your dog or cat needs to thrive. With a reputation of trust spanning more than a quarter-century, Orijen is the biologically best food to give you peace of mind and keep your cherished companion happy, healthy, and strong.

Orijen’s biologically appropriate philosophy is simple: mirror the quantity, freshness, and variety of meat that dogs and cats have evolved to eat. Their fresh regional ingredients mirror Mother Nature, supplying nutrients in their freshest, most natural and nourishing form. Their DogStar Kitchen is located in the heart of Kentucky’s dynamic agricultural community where fertile farands, rolling grasslands, and Appalachian ranches provide inspiration for their foods and access to fresh ingredients through specialty farmers they know and trust. Responsibly farmed, ranched, or fished, their ingredients are delivered to their kitchen fresh or raw. They prepare products and handle every detail from food development to ingredient sourcing, ensuring that their stringent food-safety processes are upheld.

NJ Pet Supply carries Orijen because they are proud of their reputation, passionate about their foods, and dedicated to the highest standards of authenticity, nutritional integrity, and food safety for your dog or cat!


Representing the fullest expression of our Biologically Appropriate philosophy, ORIJEN’s recipes reflect diets as close as possible to what our pets’ ancestors found and consumed in nature. Orijen foods feature unmatched amounts of fresh, raw meat to nourish as nature intended.

Orijen uses free-run poultry, wild-caught fish, ranch-raised meat, and cage-free eggs that are farmed or fished by people they know and trust, and delivered to their kitchen, fresh or raw, brimming with nutrients and flavor.

Trusted by Pet Lovers Everywhere, award-winning ORIJEN foods and treats keep your cherished dogs and cats happy, healthy, and thriving.