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There is an endless sea of options for pet treats nowadays, so how do you know which is best for your furry friend? Carrying brands like Cadet, Earth Animal, Fieldcrest Farms, Lennox, SmartBones, Premier, and more, NJ Pet Supply wants to help you see the advantages of your options, starting with rawhides.

Rawhides are made from the inner layer of cow or horse hides. They are cleaned, cut, and then formed into the shapes we see them in today, such as bones, chips, rings, sticks, rolls, donuts, and braids. To make it even more pleasurable and delicious for dogs, rawhides are often made with peanut butter, beef, and chicken flavors. These treats have numerous benefits. Firstly, they satisfy your pet’s inner instincts. Dogs of all ages absolutely need to chew. It’s a part of them! Whether you have a teething puppy that needs something to soothe their gums, or an adult pooch that just needs something to sink their teeth into, rawhides can do the job. Chewing on rawhides provides your pet longer chewing time since they have a tougher, more durable texture. This is great to keep your pet mentally stimulated and focused, decreasing the risk of them becoming bored, stressed, or anxious. The best part is, while your pet is chomping away, the rawhide is promoting their dental health. The motion of actively chewing is allowing the rawhide to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, leading to cleaner teeth and fresher breath. Another reason pet parents may choose to give their canine rawhides is because it saves them the furniture! Instead of engaging in destructive behaviors like chewing on shoes, table legs, and sofas, as well as excessive barking, biting, or whimpering, they’ll be more inclined to spend some time gnawing away at their rawhide. NJ Pet Supply has a wide assortment of rawhides for your dog’s chewing, biting, chomping, and nibbling needs.