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Rope Toys

One of the most timeless pet toys that has ever existed is plain and simple: a good ol’ rope. Carrying brands like Kong, Petstages, GoDog, MultiPet, Chuckit, Charming Pet, and more, NJ Pet Supply offers the best rope toys that your dog, and even cat, can enjoy during playtime!

Aside from being a well known source of entertainment for your pet, rope toys have a number of benefits. Using them during a classic game of tug-of-war provides your dog with the vigorous exercise and physical activity they need. The act of pulling, yanking, and jerking around keeps your competitive canine moving around. The same goes for felines, as they could spend hours simply chasing a rope and trying to get hold of one that you drag around. GoDog’s Ropetek tug ropes, bone ropes, ring ropes, and figure 8 ropes are great for these purposes. They come in both small and large sizes, making them suitable for different breed and sized dogs. Plus, their climbing ropes come infused with non-toxic polymer, making them extra durable and able to withstand rough play! Chuckit’s rope fetch toy is just as durable, too, with its polyester oxford material. However, this toy is extra special because it’s a multipurpose game! Coming in the form of a ball, you can transform it into a tug toy by unravelling the rope from around the ball. So whether your companion wants to play a game of fetch, catch, or tug-of-war, this toy has it all! Another great option are Petstages’ mini dental chew toys. These are super effective in removing plaque and tartar buildup, preventing possible gum or oral diseases and discomfort. This is especially because they reach parts of the mouth that treats or toothbrushes sometimes cannot. Fun fact: rope toys are able to absorb liquid, so if you dip it in water and freeze it for a bit, the cold temperature of the ice is great for soothing tender gums.

NJ Pet Supply carries an assortment of rope toys for all of your pet’s chewing, gnawing, tugging needs! Our products are sure to provide a fun bonding experience for the two of you that are sure to bring out both of your competitive sides!