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Your pet relies on you for everything. They trust you to care for them and ensure that they are the healthiest version of themselves they can be. That starts with what you feed them. Not just pet food, but supplements, too! Carrying brands like Angel Eyes, Cosequin, Dr. Harvey’s, Esbilac, KMR, Homeopet, Naturvet, Nupro, Nutrena, Pet Naturals, Pet Tabs, and more, NJ Pet Supply provides you with a wide assortment of additives you can incorporate into your pet’s diet. 

Not all pets need vitamins. Commercially sold pet food is usually created with essential vitamins and minerals and with just the right levels of them, too. However, there are still several situations where supplements may be beneficial to your companion. These times can be determined by your veterinarian. If your pet has a deficiency in a certain vitamin, a supplement can certainly help solve the problem. Deficiencies often happen when they are put on a homemade diet, as it’s all too easy to leave out key nutrients and food groups. In instances like these your veterinarian will need to help you find which supplement can make up for the nutritional gap. Supplements may also be useful for animals that are dealing with any conditions or illnesses. Whether they are in need of supplies for the eyes and ears, hip and joints, skin and coat, digestive support, or hairball control, NJ Pet Supply has it! Probiotics and prebiotics for pets are especially popular, as they balance the bacteria in your companion’s gut. We also have a wide selection of products for calming and anxiety relief, including sprays, oral supplements, treats, oils, and more. NJ Pet Supply’s products are not limited to dogs and cats, but farm animals, as well. For example, we have several supplements for horses that aid in their digestion and energy levels. Many of our supplements come in great flavors, like chicken and beef, and serve a range of life stages.